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Enstone Community Shed

We are currently investigating the possibility of setting up a 'Shed' in the village. Do you have any views?

It would be based upon, and registered with, the UK Men's Sheds Association which caters for everyone, male and female over the age of 18years. We seek to make it a place where the people of Enstone can meet in a safe and secure location, share a cup of tea, make new friends, get something repaired, learn new skills and more. You can dip in and out of it to suit your lifestyle.

The Shed would be free to use and would rely upon the sale of items made or repaired there along with local grants and donations. Experience has repeatedly shown that they can be entirely self funding.

The benefits of these Sheds, which are located all over the World, is that they help to combat loneliness, depression or that horrible feeling of self worthlessness, whilst providing a useful place to get things done locally.

A Shed's activities can be based upon anything from Welding, Electronics, Repair Venue, Art, Knitting, Woodwork, Writing, Sewing, Toy Making, Computing, literally anything a particular area wants. Typically this Enstone Community Shed could work with, say, the Parish Council and make planters to place around the village, provide help with Re-wilding, mending broken goods or anything else you fancy.

Rather than burden you with more words we will call it a day here and see what you have to say. In the meantime you may find it useful to have a look at the above Association's website. It'll give you a better idea of just how flexible this idea has and what the tangible benefits are.

Let's have some fun and start one. There's nothing to lose and loads to gain.

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