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Enstone Eco has collected some of the most valuable links from around the web to support your green journey. We have also included fantastic local resources like Charlbury Green Hub & Sustainable Woodstock. To visit resources, click the button 'visit site'. 

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Charlbury Green Hub

“We aim to promote a better understanding of our local countryside, food, energy, travel, and the wider implications for our planet's limited resources and climate change” Providing opportunities for individuals in our local community to take part in events.

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There is lots to get stuck into around Chippy; Circular Economy (cutting pollution and waste materials), Big Clean Switch (electricity), renewable heating & more! This page will point you to many of the options – do join in!


Sustainable Woodstock

We aim to raise public awareness among the residents of Woodstock and beyond on the climate emergency, energy conservation, sustainable travel, waste reduction, recycling, bio-diversity, sustainable economics and respect for the planet. 


Switch It

You’re climate conscious. Is your money?

Moving your money out of banks, energy companies and pensions that finance fossil fuels is the most effective, simple action you can take to fight the climate crisis.

Join the Green Money Movement Today!


We work to promote and enhance the ecology, environment and heritage of the Enstone Uplands area to ensure it is protected both for now and future generations. ENCON are members of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.


Colgate® Recycling Programme

We’ve made getting started with the Colgate® and hello® Oral Care Free Recycling Programme easy! Simply bring your recycling to a participating drop-off point near you. It's free, and you won't need a TerraCycle account or shipping label.

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Hannah Bourne Taylor

Enstone Local Hannah Bourne-Taylor has a fantastic site with many resources to help to protect and save wildlife in your garden.


Climate Action Oxfordshire

lots of ideas for practical things that you can do, with the time and effort you can spare. Some are free. Many will even save you money. Together, small changes add up to big action.

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Too Good To Go

Do you want to save money and food waste? Too Good To Go is a mobile app connecting you with restaurants & supermarkets to buy food at a huge discount.


WWF - Carbon Calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint then choose and track challenges to help you make small changes in your own life that add up to something bigger.


Bower Collective

Sustainable products/ refill pouches delivered to your door. Free returns of our refill pouches for reuse and recycling.


North Cotswolds Diary Co

A family run dairy farm on the edge of the Cotswolds, our delicious milk comes from the Markbury Herd, is pasteurised on the Farm giving you the freshest, most delicious milk possible. 

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Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is an organic veg box scheme.  Over the years They've developed close, trusting relationships with farmers and makers, whilst helping customers enjoy and understand sustainable, seasonal eating. We minimise food waste and unnecessary packaging – using boxes, not bags. 


Oxfordshire Treescapes Project

WE ARE MAPPING THE RIGHT PLACES FOR TREES The Oxfordshire Treescapes Project has created the Oxfordshire Treescape Opportunity Map, a powerful tool that shows the right places to establish treescapes for the right reasons.

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People in the UK, just like you, are worried about the planet. They’re worried about their health, the climate and nature. What we produce to eat makes up about 25% of all our carbon emissions – that's a big piece of pie.

How can we make changes in our daily lives that matter? 


How to cut your energy bills

Energy bills went up at the start of October, with households in England, Wales and Scotland using a typical amount of gas and electricity now set to pay £2,500 a year - a rise of £500.Energy-saving measures won't make up for the sharp rise in prices. But taken together, lots of small changes could save hundreds of pounds a year.

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