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Lots of fun things to do in June

Some of us in Enstone Eco together with a local Ecologist, have been surveying the plants which are growing in the village, to help get to know our neighbourhood better. In May we have seen 22 plant species on The Drive and many other species in the Enstone Meadow by the planks, including Reed Canary Grass, Meadow Sweet, several snail & slug species and beautiful Drinker Moth caterpillar to name a few. Also a large patch of Red Campion at the Great Tew crossroads and fascinating Bladder Campion and Comfrey buzzing with Buff tailed worker bumble bees along the B4022 towards the Great Tew Crossroads.


Living in the countryside and having seen all these wildflowers blooming, it might be hard to believe there is a problem with the variety and amount of wildlife here. But the UK is one of the most depleted countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, we rank 189th in the world, which is in the bottom 10% of countries, and we are bottom of the G7 countries. In the past ten years, 41% of our bird species have decreased, and 15% of our wildlife is threatened with extinction.


The good news is that there are lots of fun things you can do in June to help:


1.      You can do the wildlife gardening survey from our local Wildlife Trust BBOWT. Then decide at least one extra thing you will do this year - it only takes 2 minutes. Search online for “Wildlife Trusts Garden Survey”

2.      Your family could sign up for The Wildlife Trusts “30 Days Wild” and get your free pack full of inspiring and fun activities  

3.      You could go to the Free Nature Day at Wigwell Nature Reserve in Charlbury on 15th June 11am-4pm which will be full of family friendly activities

 Enstone Eco - Helping Enstone Parish make a difference!   

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