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No Mow May across Enstone Parish

Road verges are not being cut across the parish this May … this is why..

Enstone Parish is taking part in ‘No Mow May’ which residents voted for in the Parish Survey and has been agreed by the Parish Council. This will enable the verges to produce more flowers for pollinators. You can join in too - Don’t mow your lawn, let it grow!


We’ve lost about 97% of flower rich meadows since the 1930’s and with them gone are vital food for the pollinators like bees and butterflies. Many insects play an important role in the production of fruit, vegetables, and oil crops and so we need to give them a helping hand.


Your lawn can help provide a feast for pollinators, tackle pollution and lock away atmospheric carbon below ground. Even the smallest grassy patches add up to a significant proportion of land which can help biodiversity in Enstone. So, what are you waiting for … let it grow!


You can also register with so that they can calculate the area of land that is helping nature in the UK.


Tell us what you’ve spotted and send us a ‘No Mow May’ photo to

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