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Please vote for wildflowers in Enstone Parish. Deadline: 26 October.

How many of us have thought it would be nice to see more wild flowers on the verges around our village? In the Parish Council Survey, there’s a question about reducing the cutting of grass verges. Road junctions will always be cut frequently to maintain visibility and safety, but if we allowed other verges to grow, it would let the natural wildflowers come through, encourage butterflies and improve overall biodiversity.

In the first year of the new approach to mowing in the old churchyard, over 40 plant species including bee orchids have been identified, and seven types of butterflies have been recorded. When the grass was cut every month, there were almost no flowers in the summer and no butterflies. It’s currently the same for the grass verges around the village.

If each one of us completes the Parish Survey and votes to cut the verges once per year, then we could make the same improvement to our verges as has happened in the churchyard.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and every response counts.

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